Twitter makes tweeting…easier?

Twitter let the world know yesterday that they’ve made it easier to tweet, apparently by putting the input bar at the top of the home page timeline. In a characteristically flash-mob fashion, 95% of all Twitter users simultaneously said, “Huh?”

Yeah, it’s the content

Content is what engages your site visitors. It’s the text that keeps them reading, the pictures that pull them in. It’s the audio and video clips that inform and entertain them. It’s also the magic juju that gets search engine love. Content is the lifeblood of a website. Without a consistent flow of quality content, your website is just a billboard on the outskirts of a ghost town.

How not to use social media

A recent LinkedIn post by Fortune Magazine editor Adam Lashinsky has garnered quite a bit of attention. Oh, it’s good attention—if you subscribe to that “all publicity is good publicity” thinking, anyway. It’s also a great study in how not to use social media.

Google prefers intent and semantics, not keywords

For years, content creators and SEO specialists have focused on keyword-related tactics for improved Google search result rankings. Those days are ending. In yet another algorithm change, this one named Hummingbird, Google is devaluing the focus on keywords in favor...

Magento installation database connection error

Installing Magento has been an uphill battle. Even the simple things are a pain. When installing most applications that have file permission requirements, you get a list of what needs to be changed. Magento doles them out two at a time.

mcrypt not loaded

I installed php on my Mac using Macports. I guess, at this early stage in my Mac experience, that it’s the equivalent of APT on Debian-based systems. It installed without a hitch, and php was up and running. But when I began installing a web app that required...

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