Jeff Moser

Since 2003, I've worked on many projects, taking on diverse roles such as project manager, team lead, cloud engineer, and applications developer. Embracing a fully remote work model since 2008, I've collaborated with teams both domestically and offshore. I have passed on career advancement oportunities, opting to maintain a work-from-home lifestyle. Now, spurred by the pandemic, the evolving remote work landscape presents a chance to reshape my professional path while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

You can find more about my capabilities in the Skills section.


Senior Cloud Engineer


After working in development for years--and managing servers as well--I decided to round out the "ops" of DevOps as a cloud engineer. I provide production support for an international SaaS company, working with teams around the world. Some of my duties and accomplishments...

  • Incident Commander for Severity 1 issues; gather and coordinate a team for troubleshooting, problem analysis, and resolution.
  • Led a project to scrub and migrate data out of AWS GovCloud.
  • Effectively translate technical information to business owners and customers.
  • Collaborate with architects and engineers to design networks, systems, and storage environments that reflect business needs, security specifications and service level requirements.
  • Configure computing, networking and security systems within cloud environment using automation tools.
  • Write scripts to automate deployment and maintenance of cloud resources.
  • Create and maintain technical documents throughout product lifecycle.

Jul 2021 - Present

Lead Web Developer

Alliance of Professionals & Consultants Inc

I worked on contract as a full-stack developer for multiple departments at the nation’s 16th largest school district. My remote work journey started there in November, 2008.

  • National recognition for developing a state-wide high school transcript REST API.
  • Planned and managed the project to migrate multiple applications to a new development framework.
  • Led the transition to a modern GitOps development environment.
  • Gathered requirements and translated to backlog stories.
  • Delivered customer support training through meetings, documents, and videos.

Nov 2007 - Jul 2021

Program Manager

Boneal, Inc.

I started at Boneal as a Project Manager, responsible for several one-off manufacturing contracts. I transitioned from there to lead a project aimed at landing a Third-Party Logistics contract with the U.S. Air Force. After successfully winning the bid, I helped build a team to fulfill the contract obligations. This ongoing work included:

  • Building and maintaining strong partnerships with teams, vendors, and contractors.
  • Creating project plans with established timelines, assigning work to appropriate teams, and managing workflow throughout the fulfillment process.
  • Leading and facilitating meetings with internal team members, consultants, and contractors.
  • Identifying needs and coordinating resource allocation to deliver while meeting quality standards on time and within budget.
  • Maintaining team performance by communicating shared objectives, clear roles, and specific goals.
  • Providing timely updates to various stakeholders, reporting on progress, adjustments, and strategy.

May 2006 - October 2007

Freelance Developer

I spent some time as a freelancer, desigining and developing custom web-based applications. I planned and coordinated projects from inception to completion, using contracted developers and designers. Projects include:

  • Multiple custom WordPress plugins for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association
  • "Wrangler Nation" mobile app (for iOS and Android) for pulling data from WordPress via Ionic and AngularJS.
  • A teacher lesson plan application in WordPress, used by the KY Department of Education.
  • A touchscreen biometric measurement kiosk with web interface, using PHP and C.

February 2005 - February 2010

Web Applications Developer / Host Communications

I worked in a DevOps environment at iHigh before DevOps was even a notion. Our small team took responsibility of doing what needed to be done, and that often included cross-training and backfilling for the server admin team. My responsibilities also included: back end development of e-commerce sites in multiple stacks, including PHP, Perl, Javascript, MySql, SQLServer, and Tcl (in Vignette); custom functionality for high-profile collegiate sports sites; server administration of load-balanced architecture including Linux and Solaris boxes.

  • Gathering, defining, and translating client requirements into user stories and actionable tasks.
  • Reviewing project specifications and devising solutions for use across multiple websites.
  • Implementing improvements to boost site performance.
  • Designing websites, portals, and large-scale eCommerce applications.
  • Redesigning sites to enhance navigation and improve visual appeal.

March 2003 - February 2005

Project Manager / Technical Writer

Analysts International

I worked on a long-term contract on-site at Lexmark International. After working for a few months as a technical writer, I transitioned into a Project Manager role for the publications department. My daily activity there included:

  • Managing multiple concurrent translation and localization projects for business printer documentation in 26 languages.
  • Working on a team to evaluate department processes and procedures to identify areas of improvement.
  • Developing web-based applications for the company Intranet that automated department processes.
  • Working on a cross-functional team, collaborating with engineers, product managers, and instructional designers in developing user manuals.
  • Writing detailed manuals for use and maintenance of business laser printers and accessories.

May 2000 - February 2003


Driving change where it's needed
  • I introduced microservice APIs to a change-resistant organization. This eliminated duplicated work among multiple development groups and provided better data consistency across the organization.
  • I advocated for and helped plan a shift to containerization. This allowed not only a more efficient use of some heavily used microservices, but also allowed development teams to better manage projects while dealing with a range of software versions.

  • I proactively look for opportunities to save development hours. During project planning, I often find potential issues with the business logic before code is ever written.
  • In a leadership vacuum, I took over an at-risk infrastructure rollout project. I set up a daily stand-up in the last month of the project to get it back on track and ensure all goals were met.

I manage things...I lead people
  • I enjoy the challenge of management: balancing the concerns of the project, product owners, end users, and the team; and ensuring everyone knows and appreciates their part in bringing all the puzzle pieces together.
  • I am a servant leader. I believe some of the most critical skills for managers are self-awareness, effective communication, and keeping team members engaged.
  • I enjoy the coaching/mentoring process, seeing personal and professional growth in junior team members.

Other attributes
  • I'm an advocate for TDD, coding standards, Agile, and eliminating technical debt.
    "The only way to go fast is to go well." ~ Uncle Bob Martin
  • I have worked 100% remotely since 2008. I am adept at working with others across multiple time zones, with holiday schedules among various countries, etc.
  • I speak Spanish at an intermediate level, moving toward advanced (CEFR Level B1.5)

Programming Languages & Tools
Other Technology
ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Master
Six Sigma Certified Yellow Belt
AWS SAS Certification


University of Southern Indiana, 1993

Bachelor of Science, Communications
Concentration in Public Relations, Minor in Political Science