Twitter makes tweeting...easier? – Jeff Moser
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Twitter makes tweeting…easier?

Twitter makes tweeting…easier?

Twitter let the world know yesterday that they’ve made it easier to tweet, apparently by putting the input bar at the top of the home page timeline. In a characteristically flash-mob fashion, 95% of all Twitter users simultaneously said, “Huh?”


As of early 2014, 75% of Twitter use occurred on mobile devices, which are not affected by this change. It’s only speculation, but my guess is that number has likely risen over the last year, as more teens acquire smartphones, promising they won’t crack the screen anytime soon. That number is sure to fluctuate, however, as teens begin finding out that adults use Twitter as well.

Add to that the number of non-mobile users that prefer third-party solutions like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, and suddenly my 95% appears at least as sound as political polling numbers in October.

Whatever the number, it’s clear that most Twitter users are unaffected by this change. And the few who are, well…the fact that I don’t remember where the input bar was previously is a pretty good indication that it was already quite usable, and that this “improvement” fits neatly into the if-it-ain’t-broke category of fixes. If anything, it may seem more of a “me too” move with negligible improvement.





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