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Humbly repeating the truth found in scripture. We are saved by grace through faith; we obey God's instruction (Torah) because we love him. John 14:15, John 7:16
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Bible Study, Faith / 27.10.2018

Christians are missing a huge contradiction in the Bible, and it's vitally important to understand it. I'm saying this as a believer in Christ, so please...stick with me through this. The contradiction doesn't have to be there, but you must understand that it exists because of the way most Christians view God's word. The way most Christians study the Bible—if they study at all—is a piecemeal approach. When we do this, it's easy to take verses and ideas out of context. At best, some Christians see and refer to such things as "scriptural tension." If you're willing, answer some questions with me and see if you can spot it.
Faith / 18.10.2018

Lately, I've been banging my head against the brick wall of stubborn doctrine. That's how it feels, anyway. And it has convinced me that changing hearts and minds is something only God can do. So...maybe I shouldn't be trying. But why would Yeshua (Jesus) say "that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." if he didn't mean it?
Faith, Mosaic Law, Torah / 16.10.2018

When presenting my beliefs on what the whole Bible says—and how that should alter how God's people live and worship—I'm often accused of trying to earn my salvation through works. That used to bother me. Sometimes it still does. But I'm trying to grow in grace. And I have to remember that the apostle Paul was also misunderstood about Torah.
Faith / 04.04.2017

Editorial note: I originally wrote this post about food laws and Peter's vision over a year before I published it. I still hold to its conclusion that God still intends us to follow his laws, and that they aren't "done away with" as most of Christianity believes. But one thing has changed. I'm no longer as determined to convince The Church at large on it. I went on a mini-missionary attempt to talk to friends about it, and in turns out that Christians don't want to be convinced that we're doing anything wrong. I understand that. Really. But...maybe I'll go into this in another post, as this is just supposed to be a brief note. So, on to the post...
Faith / 21.04.2015

I learned a few things about myself on Twitter last week. No, nothing related to marketing or building an audience. I'm certain I didn't learn any universal truths about the platform. It all began with an unintentional discussion on Twitter. Here's what I learned....