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Content is what engages your site visitors. It's the text that keeps them reading, the pictures that pull them in. It's the audio and video clips that inform and entertain them. It's also the magic juju that gets search engine love. Content is the lifeblood...

A recent LinkedIn post by Fortune Magazine editor Adam Lashinsky has garnered quite a bit of attention. Oh, it's good attention—if you subscribe to that "all publicity is good publicity" thinking, anyway. It's also a great study in how not to use social media.

I love to see creative ways that brands are using new media. To promote the remake of the movie Carrie, released in theaters in mid October, the film crew created a real-life movie scene for some unsuspecting customers in a New York coffee shop. A quick search through other 2013 movie trailers show that most of them may get a few million views (Insidious: Chapter 2, another horror flick, has 6.8 million views). As of this writing, this non-traditional trailer has had over 30 million views in five days on YouTube. That's real social media value, and a viral marketing success.

I've been saying for a while now that all sites, to remain competitive, must be mobile-friendly. Of course, that would always spark debate over which is best: responsive design or separate mobile site. As usual, the real answer probably starts with, "Well, it depends . . ."

Installing Magento has been an uphill battle. Even the simple things are a pain. When installing most applications that have file permission requirements, you get a list of what needs to be changed. Magento doles them out two at a time....