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I've been saying for a while now that all sites, to remain competitive, must be mobile-friendly. Of course, that would always spark debate over which is best: responsive design or separate mobile site. As usual, the real answer probably starts with, "Well, it depends . . ."

Installing Magento has been an uphill battle. Even the simple things are a pain. When installing most applications that have file permission requirements, you get a list of what needs to be changed. Magento doles them out two at a time....

I installed php on my Mac using Macports. I guess, at this early stage in my Mac experience, that it's the equivalent of APT on Debian-based systems. It installed without a hitch, and php was up and running. But when I began installing a web app that required mcrypt, I noticed some problems. I used the 'port' command again to install the mcrypt package. Once again, no errors reported. But the web app (Magento) continued to complain that the "PHP extension 'mcrypt' must be loaded."

It's been just over a week since I got my MacBook Air. Yeah...lovin' it. But there are some adjustment pains I'm still dealing with. It's not the differences in the OS. I've been working on *nix boxes for over 10 years, so I'm pretty comfortable with the CLI (command line interface, for those of you who stumbled here by accident). And the GUI is intuitive enough.